ALFIE - Loves to run!

Medium Male Mix Breed

Located in New South Wales

Not available for interstate adoption

This is the gorgeous Alfie. He is only just over 12 months old, and he’s our favourite mystery man. See, we can’t quite work out what his breeding is … he has the look of a Jack Russell but his size doesn’t correlate; and the ears! Where did he get those ears? Musta been the reject shop.


But seriously, Alfie is a lovely boy, and it doesn’t matter if we don’t know for sure what his breeding is; he’s very handsome, and lots of fun, and he’s just looking for someone to love him. We’re looking for someone to love him too.

Alfie is a reasonably tall boy, and he is very elegant. He looks like he belongs in one of those pictures you see in glossy magazines – the ones where there is a gorgeous woman in killer stilettos holding a tall, elegant dog beside her on a lead. That’s our boy!


Presently he is quite an active dog but he is still a baby so no surprise there. He loves to run around with his doggie mates and he’s always available for a wrestle. Yep, life’s pretty much a box of chocolates.


We don’t have much information on Alfie’s background; he came to us in good condition, perhaps a little lean, but he’s a happy boy who loves people. He can be a little excitable when he first meets new people but that should fade as he matures and settles.


To indicate his height -- the top of his head comes to a few inches (approx. 7 cm) above the knee of a 5ft 6" (168 cm) person. He will not grow any taller now, but he'll fill out more.


We don’t think it would be a good idea to home Alfie with cats or chickens, nor with little dogs, but he likes to have a doggie mate to wrestle with. We are currently giving him some lead and manners training and he responds well, especially for treats.


To find out more about this gorgeous boy please phone Lynda. 
If phoning on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday please call after 7.30pm and before 9pm: 0401 264 514. Alternatively send a text, or email and request an application form. Other days phone any time.


Alfie will be available for meet and greet near Raymond Terrace in the Newcastle area -- not far from the end of the M1 if you are travelling up from Sydney.

Age 1 Year 6 Months                                   Adoption Fee $450


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