SNOW - Stunning looking boy!

Medium Male Border Collie x Kelpie Mix

Located in New South Wales

Not available for interstate adoption

We feel very privileged to be listing for adoption this very beautiful dog. Snow is a Kelpie x border collie aged 14 months, and what a stunning-looking boy he is! As his name suggests his coat is white, but a light dusting of gold runs through it as if someone applied it with a powder puff. And to match his physical beauty Snow has a lovely, happy personality. Add those two together and bingo! you’ve got a winner!

Snow came from a country area and we think he hasn’t experienced some things – at least not the sort of things you experience in the big smoke. The first time he saw a cat at his foster-carer’s house he was frightened of it. Admittedly the cat was shocked to see him as well, but after a few cautious sniffs satisfied their curiosity they look like they might be a team. And walking beside noisy traffic was a surprise to him as well, but he is becoming accustomed to it like any city boy. Toys are one of his favourite things, but the first time he was given one that squeaks he nearly jumped out of his skin. Never mind, once he was over the shock he tossed it around a few times to remind it who is boss (although it still squeaks).

Snow’s foster-carer has been working very hard taking him to training classes – up and at’em at 8 am on a cold Sunday morning. We’re happy to say Snow is very smart and quickly understands what is required of him. He can be a bit stubborn at times, and he can find the whole outing very exciting, but as soon as the treats come out that mysteriously disappears and he is back in focus again. Snow can sit and drop, and is learning to walk well on a lead. He gets better every session.

Travelling in the car is not a problem for our boy; if it’s a short journey he likes to look out the window. If it’s a bit longer he appreciates having some cushions or something soft to lie on and he settles down and relaxes. If he gets excited he might want to come visit you in the front of the car, so a good harness is the way to go.

There are no children at his foster-carer’s house but we have noticed that Snow would like to stop and say hello to the kids he passes while on his walk. We don't expect that he would have a problem with kids, he wants to play with them. However, we don’t think he would be suitable for very small children, because he could knock them over.

Because he is a cross of two very smart working breeds Snow would not suit a home where he was left on his own in the backyard. An active owner would be good, someone who could regularly run him or take him for long walks, and someone who understands well that he needs to keep his mind occupied as well as his body to be happy. We want him to be treated as a member of the family that adopts him.

To find out more about Snow please phone Lynda. If phoning on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday please call after 7.30pm and before 9pm: 0401 264 514. Alternatively send a text, or email and request an application form. Other days phone any time.


Age 1 Year 2 Months                                    Adoption Fee $475



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